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News Image Update 30
May 3, 2024, 4:05 pm

1. Exp rates for characters lv 75-80 increased to 7x

2. Stats of lv 65 unseal gloves and boots are increased. Now it matches the stats from the Corsairs server. Details in the database.

3. Great gems (+6) and Granils.

Players can obtain a chest with granils in several ways:

  • Receive as a reward for surviving Chaos and the Snow War (last survivor).
  • Obtain by killing Harbinger (Chaos boss) with a 100% drop rate.
  • Obtain by killing other bosses with a base drop rate of 3%:
    Lv80 Wandering Soul (DW 1 boss)
    Lv80 Snowman Warlord (DW 2 boss)
    Lv85 Barborosa
    Lv85 Deathsoul Commander
  • Obtain by killing monsters at the Naval Base with a base drop rate of 0.005%:
    Lv80 Deathsoul Guard
    Lv70 Deathsoul Soldier
    Lv75 Deathsoul Officer

When opening a chest, the character receives one of 5 types of granils randomly. By double-clicking on a gem and applying it to an chipped gem (+4) of the same type, the character receives the corresponding great gem (+6).

4. Promo code for beginners. To get free equipment for 2 weeks, you need to enter the command in the game in local chat: /co . To receive equipment, the character must have a 2nd class. Equipment can only be obtained by one character on each account only once.

5. Chaos and Snow War.

  • In Chaos and Snow War, all daily events have been removed.
  • For surviving the Chaos and Snow War, in addition to the Chaos Chest, the last surviving player receives a Chest with granils.
  • Added a Chest containing Granils to the Chaos Boss with a 100% drop chance.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, additional Chaos opens at 14:00

6. Item Mall.

  • Campaign "Support the project". A limited number of gems have been added to the item mall: 10x great gems (+6) and 5x black dragon gems of each type. The money received from the sale of gems will be used to pay for the server and launch an advertising campaign.
  • Pliers for sockets 2 and 3 have been added to the Blacksmith section.