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September 25, 2023, 3:51 pm


  • Fixed a possible issue due to which items that increase the drop rate didn't work at sea.
  • Some changes have been made to the storage of objects in the game scene. (research into the display problem is ongoing)
  • Mounts are no longer visible when dead.
  • Changed the behavior of the mount system. Mounts are now always displayed within safe areas. If the mount display setting is turned off, then when entering the battle area, the mount display is turned off and the characters can use skills and attacks. If the display setting is enabled, the display of mounts is not disabled.
  • Boss of DW 2 no longer bugged from bow attacks.
  • Client security changes have been made. A side effect is that the client will reset saved logins and passwords, but will remember them again upon successful authorization.
  • Now rock gems, BD gems, and other gems can turn into vouchers like other types of gems.
  • While on a mount, you can now use all skills that apply positive effects.
  • The guild drop list now shows drops from the Eternal Garden.
  • Changed the visual display of True Sight and Soul Detectors.


  • Drop rate of Diving Clam, Tiger Bone Fish, Phoenix Prawn increased to 5%.
  • Changed the unsealing of lv 55 sealed equipment. Now, instead of an elemental stone, 100 inert dust is required.
  • The newbie chest now gives personal consumable items to make it easier for new players to start the game. It also gives Lv 40 unseals, which should help in further progression.
  • Fairy pets below lv 15 has constant 2x growth rates.
  • Blueprints for a weightless potion have been added to lv 4 and lv 5 of Alchemy.

Eternal garden:

  • Continued modification of character stats (still a test setup)


  • Fairy pet growth fruit discount is over.