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News Image Update 11
September 29, 2023, 9:05 pm


  • Changes to the effect of True Sight and Soul Detectors should now apply.
  • Baby now says that it cannot issue an hourglass if the character is below level 40.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Eternal Garden continued to count deaths in KDA statistics.


  • Lanterns and festival lamps now provide an additional 1 physical resistance.


  • Updated items in "Limited Sale". Old items are no longer available for purchase. New items will be available until 10/13/2023 inclusive.
  • New fairy pet skins have been added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > Fairy app" tab.
  • New skins for handpets have been added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > HandPet app" tab.
  • New auras are added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > Auras" tab.
  • During the current sale, when you purchase a unique mount, you are given a skill that allows you to apply a buff to you and your allies.

Chaos stage:

We have started work on the next stage of server progression, some of the key changes await you:

  • Adding the 3rd socket in the equipment.
  • Adding Unique Gems (+5 stats).
  • Adding Black Dragon gems.
  • Adding Chaos maze.
  • Possibility to upgrade Lv 55 unseal boots and gloves to Lv 65.