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News Image Update 13: Chaos Stage
October 13, 2023, 11:54 pm


  • Fixed an issue where skills could absorb SP but not work.
  • Bug 23: Fixed a problem due to which the fishing rod continued to gain experience even if it hit the experience ceiling for the current level.
  • Added localization to NPC dialogues in Spring Town.


  • Chaos maze has been added to the game, at the moment, the only maze in which you can get Unique gems (+5) and Black Dragon gems. You can learn more about it on our Wiki.
  • Please note that the first Chaos will open 14th of October at 20:00 (server time UTC+3).


  • Drop rate of Purse with chipped gems from bosses of DW 1, DW 2, Barborosa and DSC has been increased: DW 1 - 3.7% > 6%; DW 2 - 4.8% > 6%; Barborosa - 7% > 7.5%; DSC - 5% > 10%.
  • An item has been added to the game that turns lv 55 unseal gloves and boots into lv 65. The item can be obtained as one of the rewards after surviving Chaos.
  • Standard skills for fairy pets have been added to the game; to get them, contact the Chaos Administrator in Icicle Castle.


  • The logic behind the conch ray stun in chaos mechanics has been changed. The target's constitution now reduces the chance of being stunned and the stun duration when hit by the conch ray. Characters with low Constitution have a significant chance of being stunned.


  • Updated items in the "Limited Sale". Old items are no longer available for purchase. New items will be available until 10/27/2023 inclusive.
  • New skins for fairy pets have been added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > Fairy app" tab.
  • New skins for pets have been added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > HandPet app" tab.
  • From today until October 16, 2023, 2x rates for fairy pet growth will apply.
  • Prices in many sections of IM are reduced by 25%.