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News Image Update 14
October 20, 2023, 6:39 pm


  • Reduced the stamina consumption of active fairy skills. Now when a fairy uses one of the active skills (Berserk, Protection, Magic), fairy pet has a 33% chance of consuming 1 unit of stamina, regardless of the skill level.
  • The incorrectly working stun of the final wave monsters of Blue Chaos has been removed.
  • Now the pirate treasure map obtained from the NSS cannot be used if the character does not have enough gold.
  • The effect causing fps drops on some computers has been removed.
  • Changes have been made to the game client to reduce fps drops with a large number of effects.
  • Now the amount of SP is displayed under the character if the character is a Cleric.
  • Fixed a likely reason that could cause our resources to be unavailable.


  • Reduced SP recovery from Magic Gyoza in Chaos: 15% > 5% SP.
  • All classes: The stun effect using the Crusader's shadow slash state now prevents HP and SP from being regenerated by the character's own regeneration. External sources of HP and SP restoration continue to work. This state is used by the following skills: Seal of Elder, Condemnation, Shadow Slash, Poison Dart, Primal Rage, Conch Ray.
  • Cleric: Changed the shield damage divisor in the chaos mechanics, as it made Clerics too durable in chaos, based on the current setup of available gems, forge level, available consumables, character skills and base equipment. In normal locations, the divisor is not changed.
  • Seal Masters: The effect of the Seal of the Elder increases the damage taken by the target by 20%. The damage increases after calculating the target's resistances. If you do not penetrate the target, then even with the increase in damage you will not begin to penetrate.
  • Seal Master: The duration of the elders' seal is now affected by the Constitution of the Seal Masters.
  • Seal Masters: The duration of the stun from the seal of the elder depends on the constitution of the Seal Masters.
  • Seal Master: The duration of Shadow Insignia is now affected by the Seal Master's Constitution.
  • Seal Master: The casting range of the cursed fire has been increased to 900 units.
  • Seal Master: Seal of Elder cooldown reduced to 16 seconds.
  • Seal Master: Shadow Insignia cooldown reduced to 20 seconds.
  • Seal Master: Impure Armor now adds physical resistance based on skill level.
  • Hunter and Sharpshooter: Range Mastery in the Chaos mechanic adds additional critical chance.
  • Hunter and Sharpshooter: Rousing additionally adds HP.
  • Swordsman, Crusader, Champion: damage from the Sword Mastery skill has been increased.
  • Crusader: Blood Frenzy additionally adds HP.
  • Champion: Primal Rage miss chance removed. The Stun Case now deals 2x more damage.
  • Explorer and Voyager: Added a coefficient that further increases the damage of the Conch Ray and Lightning Bolt depending on the character's Constitution and Spirit. At the same time, Constitution increases the value of the coefficient to a greater extent than Spirit. This will increase the damage of both versions of character builds, but the Con version will receive a greater boost, however, the Spr version will still deal more damage.
  • Explore and Voyager: the logic for calculating the damage of a conch ray and lightning bolt against ordinary monsters has been changed. If there is more constitution than spirit, then it also begins to be taken into account in dealing damage. When attacking players, chests, bosses, and some mini-bosses, the old logic works. This will allow builds through constitution to feel more comfortable farming.
  • *Details on the changes you are interested in can be read on the Wiki.
  • *This is only part of the strengthening of the Voyagers and Seal Masters. Most likely, another boost awaits them, but later. It is also likely that future Champions will receive buffs to their Primal Rage and Superiority passive.


  • Discounts in IM are over.
  • You can now remove Anti Matter Crystal if you definitely don't plan to do any crafting. This can be done through the dialogue of the NPC Furnace Artificer - Mel in Shaitan near the stove.