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News Image Update 15 and Halloween
October 27, 2023, 5:58 pm


  • Added localization of skill descriptions on skill books and in the interface.
  • Added partial localization of game regions.
  • Baby can now exchange your regular Admiral's Cloak for its transparent version and back. The transparent version is not visible on the character.


  • The Physical Resistance of the last wave mobs of Chaos has been reduced, but HP has been increased.
  • The damage of the last wave mobs has been increased.

Eternal Garden:

  • The second part of the map is open.
  • The second part of the map is a PvE location and contains a reduced number of monsters and does not contain shrubs.
  • Character spawn points have been moved to the PvE part of the map.
  • The second half of the map is additionally connected by two bridges to the old half of the map
  • Now, after passing all the seals, the carrying character is given a Purse with rock gems.


  • Weightless Potion effect reduced 30% > 20%.


  • Fairy Ration cost at Baby increased to 30,000 gold.
  • Kal Runestone can no longer be exchanged for Inert Dust on the black market.
  • On the black market you can now exchange 125 Fel Runestones for 1 Kal Runestone.


  • Added Large Fairy Auto-Ration to the "Fairy" section.


  • Updated items in the "Limited Sale" in IM. Old items are no longer available for purchase. New items will be available until 11/10/2023 inclusive.
  • Skins for fairy pets have been added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > Fairy app" tabs.
  • Auras have been added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > Auras" tabs.


An event dedicated to Halloween will be held from October 27 to November 3. The event consists of three parts:

  • Within a week, purchase 300 imps or more with a one-time payment and receive a unique hat apparel as a gift, which will give your character combat stats until November 3.
  • Take part in a picture competition. Take a beautiful screenshot of your character, upload it to the #🎃halloween-event channel and get a chance to win a prize: Unique Gem (+5).
  • A portal leading to Night city and Halloween Watcher appeared in Shaitan City. If you bring him Tricks or Treats, he will happily share unique gifts: lv 55 and lv 65 handguards, apparels, masks and pumpkin chests. Go to Night city and the Halloween isles, fight monsters, as well as other players for the right to defeat the main boss, who appears once a day at 22:00 server time (UTC +3).

You can read more about the event in the wiki.