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News Image Update 17
November 10, 2023, 7:34 pm


  • Bug 19: The ability to spy on a guild without being a member is blocked.
  • Bug 5: Fixed character preview when creating new character.
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to receive a penalty for relogging without actually relogging.
  • Rework 6: Cursor logic has been changed, it now ignores handpets. Now you can easily trade or buff Ami, who is standing inside the handpet.
  • Now you can't use attacking skills on your allies in mazes.
  • Now in Chaos, by default, you cannot hover mouse over your guildmates and use skills with target mechanics on them, with the exception of Tornado of Voyagers. If there is a need to attack a guild member, this can be done by holding Ctrl.
  • The system for getting daily rewards has been rewritten to make it more stable and correct. Unfortunately, when changing the system, all weekly progress in rewards will be reset to the first day.
  • Rewards for Premium levels have been changed. The system now takes into account the character's class and changes some rewards based on this. Super lucky fruits have been replaced with personal 4 second blessing potions.
  • Daily rewards are now placed in a temporary bag if there are free cells in it.

Eternal Garden:

  • Slightly increased the survivability of all three champion builds, mostly the con-str build.
  • About 100 attack has been added to all three champion builds.
  • Increased the attack speed of the champion's agi build.


  • Drop rate of a Silver thread for a cloak from the bosses of DW1 and DW2 is now 100%.
  • The cost of regular gems and cracked shards for garden tokens from Erol in Icicle has been reduced.
  • Now, for a small fee, Jeweler can exchange your unwanted regular gem vouchers for 1 random voucher.


  • The maximum level of regular and cracked gems has been increased to 6. The level of lustrious gem has been increased to 5.
  • Magic gyoza in chaos mechanics has been increased to 7%.
  • Gyoza in chaos mechanics has been nerfed to 10%.


  • Skill Will of Steel now grants 7 * [skill level] Defense.
  • The damage of the Superiority skill has been increased. *More details on Wiki.
  • Primal Rage now always stuns targets.
  • Howl now slows the movement speed of affected targets for 2 seconds.


  • The number of pumpkin heads required for level 1 and level 2 blueprints has been reduced.

Fishing and fish butchering:

  • Added large fish.
  • The chances of catching fish have been changed: small - 65%, medium - 30%, large - 5%.
  • Changed item drop rates and list of items from fish butchering.
  • Large fish can only be butchered using a premium board, and only one item will drop, not two.


  • The Halloween location is no longer accessible.
  • Halloween Watcher will remain for another week so you can exchange all the tricks and treats.


  • Limited apparels have been removed from the IM. No new ones will be added this week.