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News Image Update 18
November 17, 2023, 6:43 pm


  • Incorrect coordinates of NPC Elizabeth in the historical quest "Envoy of Peace 10" have been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug due to which in the Eternal Garden the fairy possession effect gave an advantage to classes that use Spirit stat.
  • The daily reward is now returned to the main inventory instead of the temporary bag.


  • The survivability of DW1 and DW2 bosses has been increased.
  • The speed at which negative effects are removed from the DW1 boss has been reduced.

Eternal Garden:

  • Con setup of SM: reduced physical resistance by 2.
  • Spr setup of SM: reduced physical resistance by 1.
  • Kon setup of Voyager: reduced damage; reduced physical resistance by 2.
  • Spr setup of Voyager: Reduced HP by 2000; reduced physical resistance by 1.


  • NPC Halloween Watcher is no longer available. It is no longer possible to exchange treats.


  • The damage divisor for the magic shield in chaos mechanics has been increased from 0.1 to 0.12 per skill level.


  • The drop rate of gems vouchers from DW1 and DVW has been slightly increased.
  • Fairy pet and mount growth rates have been increased to x3.
  • The Drop rate of Lv 65 equipment summoning scrolls on the Island of Fortune have been increased.
  • An additional summon scroll for Lv 70 equipment has been added to the tribals on the Summer Isle.


  • The cost of fairy pet growth fruits has been reduced by 50% until the next scheduled restart of the server.


  • Until the next scheduled restart, the cooldown of blessing potions will last 3 minutes. After the restart, the cooldown will return to the standard value of 1 minute.
  • Updated items in the "Limited Sale". Old items are no longer available for purchase. New items will be available until 12/01/2023 inclusive.
  • New skin for fairy pet have been added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > Fairy app" tabs.
  • Auras have been added on a permanent basis. "Appearance > Auras" tabs.
  • Skins for handpets have been added on an ongoing basis. Tabs "Appearance > HandPet app".