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News Image Update 20: Rebirth stage
December 3, 2023, 1:24 am


  • Added item models for NSS and OSS, laying on the ground.
  • The size of the FC, DS, DW, and Chaos chests has been reduced by 50%.
  • The following bosses have been added to the boss kill notification system: Prehistoric Giant Octopus, Barborosa, Dead Soul Commander, Black Jewel.
  • Chaos Pacts are once again available for use.
  • Changed the model laying on the ground for Elven Signets and Royal Elven Signets, now they cannot be hidden by the yellow pouch hiding function.
  • The system for applying and saving effects has been redesigned. Effects should no longer disappear for no apparent reason. The character update rate has also increased when effects are applied to him.
  • A bug made by the game original developers has been corrected due to which much less damage was taken by the Cleric at the moment when she runs out of SP and the rest of the damage goes into HP. Because of this, with low SP values, the Cleric could survive great damage, despite the fact that the amount of remaining SP and HP should not have allowed Cleric to survive.
  • The Cleric's energy shield no longer applies on its own if it is deactivated by you and you use items from your inventory. It will apply automatically when you move to another location, when you enter the /tp command, or when you relog.
  • The Cleric's energy shield now applied automatically when leaving the ship and when reviving after death.
  • The Cleric's energy shield no longer diactivates when SP runs out, instead it begins to skip HP damage until the SP value is greater than 0. Clerics no longer need to reactivate the energy shield after the SP runs out.
  • An important point: the Cleric's energy shield is not an infinitely lasting effect. Its duration is 24 hours. From time to time you will have to activate it again. This is due to the limitations of the game.
  • Now, when leaving the ship, effects that should not fall off the character are returned correctly.


  • The "Friendship" skill has been added to the game, which is an analogue of the Loveline skill; friendship does not depend on the character's race. The loveline skill will not be added. Read more about friendship on Wiki.
  • A Dragon's lair has been added to the game. Maze is available for entry every Sunday at 17:00 (UTC +3). Read more about the lair on the Wiki.
  • The quest Phoenix Rebirth has been added to the game. Details of the quest on Wiki.


  • Added wave 8, where a mini-boss appears near the fountain. It drops a purse of consumable items. The mini-boss does not have a large reserve of durability, it only serves as a small bonus for the guild that defeat it.

FC and DS:

  • Reduced physical resistance of bosses, reduced HP regeneration of bosses.
  • Removed minions of FC and DS bosses.
  • The drop rate of a Purse with chipped gems (+4) from bosses has been increased to 2% in FC and to 2.2% in DS.
  • The drop rate of a Purse with chipped gems (+4) from the Sand Spirit in the FC has been increased to 0.5%.
  • Increased drop rate of a Purse with chipped gems (+4) from the Swamp Phantom in DS to 0.6%.


  • The functionality of disassembling necklaces and rings at Jeweler has been changed. Now, when disassembling a necklace or ring, there is a 50% chance that the NPC will give away one of the gems that make it up. 25% chance that Kal Runestone will return. 25% chance that nothing will be returned.
  • The cost of a Ticket to Summer Isle has been reduced to 70 000.
  • A Purse with rock gems can now be exchanged for 2000 Eternal Garden Tokens from NPC Crazy Erol.


  • Swordsman, Crusader, Champion: The passive skill "Sword Mastery" now adds an additional 5 to crit rate in chaos mechanics.
  • Champion: The passive skill "Champion of Sword" now additionally adds a crit rate according to the formula 1 * [Skill Level].
  • The maximum level of broken gems (+2) is now 6.


  • The respawn time of the Prehistoric Giant Octopus is now 6 hours.
  • The draw rate of Spark, Jade Chest, and Reputation Books from the Prehistoric Giant Octopus has been reduced.


  • Updated items in the "Limited Sale". Old items are no longer available for purchase. New items will be available until 12/15/2023 inclusive.
  • Auras have been added on a permanent basis. "Appearance > Auras" tab.
  • Skins for handpets have been added on an ongoing basis. "Appearance > HandPet app" tab.
  • Three pairs of new wings have been added on a permanent basis. "Appearance > Wings" tab.