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News Image Update 21
December 8, 2023, 5:37 pm


  • The effects panel now displays the Tornado CD effect in the list of buffs. This is a visual representation of the mechanic that prevents Tornado from being used on a target that was recently Tornadoed.
  • Changed the visual effects of Lv1-3 Flash Bombs and True Sight.
  • The visual effects of the fairy possession skill have been changed, but they are not visually different from the old ones.
  • All changed effects should have less load on the game client when playing them.
  • Fixed issue of the Hexathlon quest.
  • Sealed Blueprints were replaced with Encrypted Blueprint in quests where they were given as a reward, since Sealed Blueprints are not used on the server.
  • The black dragon's roar has been fixed so that it is now correctly removed by the Recovery skill. Also, now it works exactly as intended by the game developers and removes only 50% of the character’s attack. Due to an ancient error in the code, it led to a breakdown of the attribute responsible for the character’s attack, and this could only be corrected by initiating a forced character recalculation (any TP/entry to the map/death).
  • Fixed a possible issue where the boss might not spawn in chaos (under testing).
  • Seal of Aries and Pass to Tauras Gate can now be deleted.
  • Signature of Salvier can now be deleted.

Dragons Lair:

  • All 3 dragons have become more dangerous.


  • Crusader: Poison Dart - the formula for calculating damage has been changed, now the total damage of the skill does not decrease with each level, but only increases, despite the decrease in duration with increasing skill level. In chaos, the skill now does not change the logic for calculating damage, however, the cut still continues to work.
  • The prohibition on re-applying the Tornado effect to a character has been increased from 4 to 6 seconds.


  • Fairy Growth Fruit cost reduced by 50% permanently.