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News Image Update 24
January 5, 2024, 8:45 pm


  • The Phoenix Prawn fish spawn point at Naval Base has been moved from 834,160 to 820,226.
  • NSS and OSS now stack by 999.
  • While on the ship, you can no longer use item drop amplifiers. The drop rate of many items from water monsters has been increased.


  • The drop rate of equipment summon scrolls on Isle of Chill have been reduced by 20%.


  • Charmed berries and Amplifiers of luck can no longer be obtained from level 1 and 2 recipes.


  • Charmed berries have been removed. The chances for other items have been redistributed.

Butchering fish:

  • Charmed berries have been removed. The chances for other items have been redistributed.


  • A pack has been added to the "Exp&Drop" section, valid for 30 minutes and giving a bonus: 15% to movement speed, 3.5 to the item drop multiplier.
  • Removed Charmed berries and Amplifiers of luck for IMPs.
  • Prices for Charmed berries and Amplifiers of luck for reputation have been reduced.

Dragons Lair:

  • This week the Lair will be open on both Saturday and Sunday at 17:00 (UTC+3).


  • The dangerous wave of chaos has been strengthened.


  • Sharpshooter: Headshot: Con build with rebirth has a 10% chance to deal 4 times more damage. The damage calculation formula no longer changes in chaos mechanics.
  • Sharpshooter: Magma Bullet: For the con build, the duration of ignition on players is 20 seconds instead of 10.
  • Sharpshooter: Attack with a musket (gun): Now the con build receives additional damage to attacks, which depends on character's constitution. Damage is not displayed in the characteristics and is triggered when using a gun. Damage is added only against regular monsters; it does not work against bosses, mini-bosses, unique monsters and players. The critical rate and attack speed are calculated in the same way as for a regular build. Magic amplification effect also increases attack, but is not reflected in the character's stats.
  • Sharpshooter: Range Mastery: In the case of a con build, adds a hit rate according to the formula [Native Constitution * 1.5]. Native consitution is a stat that is come directly from the character's increased stats and does not depend on other modifiers. Since the calculation uses the native con, this means that the con build will quickly gain the hit rate while leveling up the character, but in the future will not be able to increase it with the help of con, and will have a sufficient reserve of it to attack ordinary monsters.
  • Swordsman, Champion, Crusader: Illusion Slash: The skill multiplier no longer changes from x7.5 to x6 when attacking a player in the chaos mechanics.


  • Updated items in the "Limited Sale". Old items are no longer available for purchase. New items will be available until 01/19/2024 inclusive.
  • Wings have been added on a permanent basis. "Appearance > Wings" tabs.
  • Skins for handpets have been added on an ongoing basis. Tabs "Appearance > HandPet app".

Next stage:

  • In the next stage, the key changes await you:
  • BS equipment, including weapons.
  • The mechanic of transferring forged gems with the possible loss of the level of one of the forged gems.
  • An experimental way to obtain new equipment.
  • Increases the maximum possible level to 85.
  • We will inform separately about the start of work on the stage.