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January 26, 2024, 9:45 pm

Short patch note for UPDATE 26.

Raising the level cap to 80!

The captain spreads his sails to set off on the long-awaited journey.
To prepare for this journey, he increases the maximum game level to 80.
In order not to deprive the brave men for the treasure chest, he is ready to open on an ongoing basis “The Mirage of Thundoria and Shaitan”

  • You will no longer need a reality mask to enter.
  • Mirages operate 24-7.
  • In Shaitan Mirage, the respawn of monsters has been significantly increased to make it possible for magic classes to independently level up.
  • It is forbidden to use a Magic Source skill in the Thundoria Mirage.
  • Monsters in Shaitan Mirage have a significantly increased PR.

Also, the Magic Source now depends on which stat is dominant: CON or SPR.
This will allow our little seal masters to level up solo.

Due to the fact that with the current forge and server rates, it would be quite easy to reach the maximum level, the rates for obtaining each specific level have been reduced:

Level 75 - rates 0.5x
Level 76 - rates 0.4x
Level 77 - rates 0.35x
Level 78 - rates 0.3x
Level 79 - rates 0.25x

To get level 76 you will need about 3 hi-amps, instead of 1. This should increase interest in the game and increase the significance of this level.

Maximum stats have been increased:

Con - 110*
Str - 105
Acc - 105
Agi - 105
Spr - 110*

Added as a temporary solution, due to the fact that magical classes will be much inferior to physical classes as they level up.

This may be revised in the future. Let's try not to be negative on this topic, all grown boys and girls, and everyone understand perfectly well that the higher the level, the less relevant the magic class becomes.

As a reward, the captain is ready to give out unique wings for the first player who reaches the maximum level!
And consolation prizes for players in each class.
In the race for your class, the administration will take into account the class that you had at the time of level 76.
Example: If you changed your class at level 77 from a crusader to a sharpshooter, the administration will take into account your class, which you had at level 76.

Snow War

It's the middle of a wonderful time of year outside - Winter. Our server is ready to open everyone's favorite map - Snow War!
The map will open every day at 21:00 (UTC +3).
We have received positive feedback with the adding of green, purple, blue and red waves into chaos and want to stay the course going forward.

Main features from the regular version:
Novice, Standard, Expert chests have been replaced with Red, Green, Purple and Blue chests. The drop is identical to the drop in chaos.
Monsters other than the BD wave will be of all types: red, green, purple and blue. We also added a black version, due to the fact that monsters will only drop fragments of the type of monster you killed.
*If you killed the Red Phyllis swordsman, then you can only get a red crystal.
Purple chests and Blue monsters (with the exception of BD wave) can only be killed by magic classes. PR and def are greatly increased.
BD wave is random out of 4. Each subsequent BD wave is not similar to the previous ones. That is, if there are always more than 10 players, then you will be able to fight monsters of all types.
The boss from the Eternal Garden has been moved to the Snow War.
If only one player remains, he receives a Chaos Chest.

1st Wave: Each city will have 4 snow war chests:

  • Green
  • Purple (mag.atk)
  • Red
  • Purple

2nd Wave: Chests of all types and weak monsters.

3rd Wave: Average monsters

4th wave: Chests of all types

5th wave: NG Wave

6-7 wave: BD Wave.
*If the first BD wave was purple, then the next one could be: green, red, blue.
** If the second wave was blue, then subsequent ones can only be red or green

8-9 wave:
If there are <= 10 players, a snow war boss appears
If there are > 10 players, then the BD wave continues


The first slot for the bracelet was converted into relics. A relic is a stone engraved with one of the animals or mythical creatures. There are 3 types of relic:

  • Regular
  • Rare
  • Unique

An egg from which one of 12 variants of relics can drop can be obtained from difficult bosses and chests:

  • Snowman Warlord 100%
  • Wandering Soul 100%
  • Death Knight 100%
  • Wandering Soul 100%
  • Chest at Demon World-2 2.5%
  • Snow War Chest 2.5%
  • Chaos Chest 2.5%

To break an egg you will need to buy a hammer from Baby for 5 million gold or to buy Shiny Hammer from item mall 250 IMPs.

Relic type when breaking an egg with a hammer:
75% Regular (one of five types)
20% Rare (one of five species)
5% Unique (one of two types)

Relic type when breaking an egg using: "Brilliant Hammer":
50% Regular (one of five types)
40% Rare (one of five species)
10% Unique (one of two types)

In addition to the three types of relics, there is a power level and a unique feature.
To increase the power level you need to buy a Relic Catalyst from the IM.
To combine, you need 2 identical relics in your inventory and click on “Relic Catalyst”.
The chance of successful combining is 50%.
If the combining is unsuccessful, one relic is taken away.

At the current stage of the game, we are ready to provide you with 3 levels of relics:

  • Regular.

The Dragon:
Baby dragon (str) +2str
Mysterious Dragon +4str
Holy Dragon +6str

Little Rooster (acc) +2acc
Spoiled Rooster +4acc
Singing Power +6acc

Snake (agi) +2agi
Cunning snake +4agi
Sacred Bite +6gi

Little rat (con) +2con
Favorite rat +4con
Immortal rat +6con

Pony (spr) +2spr
Capricious Pony +4spr
Pony in Sailor +6spr

  • Rare.

Phoenix (Hit) +2% to hit rate
Refined Phoenix +3% hit rate
Wings of Freedom +4% to hit rate

Piglet (Attack) +2% physical attack
Friendly Oink +3% physical attack
Pig +4% physical attack

Marty (SP) +2% SP
Playful Marty +3% SP
Capricious Marty +4% SP

Lunny (Def) +2% defense
Protector of the Moon +3% to defense
Guardian of the Moon +4% to defense

Kitten (HP) +2% to HP
Lunar Protector +3% HP
Lunar Eclipse +4% HP

  • Unique.

Little devil (drop) +3% to drop
Mystical Devil +6% to drop
Holy Devil +10% to drop

Angel (experience) +10% experience
Lonely Angel +15% experience
Risen Angel +25% experience

Eternal Garden

For the winter period, our snake decided to leave its cozy home and move to the “Snow War”.
Due to these changes, “The Eternal Garden” will be launched 3 times a day and the quest will no longer be accepted.

Opening hours (UTC +3):
To compensate for the loss of our beauty, the maze will operate for 2 hours.
And so that interest in the maze does not subside, we have added the ability to exchange 300 emblems of the Eternal Garden for a stone for unsealing lv 55th or lv 65 sealed equipment.

Naval Base

With a chance of 0.015 from monsters on this island, the "Admiral's Chest" was added.
After the update, you will be able to forge gems into your cloak.

Gems that will be available:
+1 spr
+1 con
+1 str
+1 agi
+1 acc

The chance of forging lv 1 and lv 2 is 100%, the chance of combining and forging lv 3 is 80%.

Combination of gems

Levels 1 and 2 after the update will no longer upset you and all gems will be combined with a 100% chance.
For all gems up to lvl 4 inclusive, the chance of combining has been increased by 5% *

  • In about a month, this figure will be increased by the same percentage.

Intense Magic and Crystal Blessing

Books for studying crystal and intensity have been added to the IM.

  • SM can only use Intense Magic on theirselfs. Maximum level 1.
  • Clerics can learn a skill to protect allies from enemies with a duration of 10 seconds in chaos and 15 seconds in regular mazes. Maximum level 1.

IMPs purchasing bonus

Nice bonus +20% of the purchased amount of IMPs (bonuses are cumulative)
In honor of the big update that requires you to spend resources on leveling up your character, it was decided to launch a nice IMPs purchasing bonus starting from 5000 IMPs
Calculation formula:
initial amount + (bonus for purchasing)
Initial amount +20%
Example, by buying 5000 imps, you get 7000 imps