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February 5, 2024, 3:26 pm

BS equipment

The ability to get lv 80 equipment will be added to the game. At this point, a method for unsealing the torso armor, weapon and shield will be presented.

How to obtain: Requires 1500 Valor Points.

The player buys the “Book of Honor and Valor” from the Argent Secretary for 15 Kal Runestones. The book will indicate the number of points (counter), how many Ascaron valor points are put into it. The item can be traded.

How to get valor points:

  • For killing the boss of the Demonic World 1, Demonic World 2, Barborosa or the Death Soul Commander you can receive 80 valor points.
  • For killing sea lords, such as the Prehistoric Octopus or the Black Jewel, your reward will be 100 valor points.
  • For killing simple jade bosses, you can get 15 valor points.
  • For killing the boss in the snow war, you will be rewarded with 100 valor points.

After you manage to fill the book for 1500 valor points, you can exchange it for a chest of honor and valor.
The chest will randomly drop you one of the level 80 weapons or armor.

Snow War

Snow War is first and foremost a guild maze. Where the desire should prevail not to kill monsters, but to fight enemies.
Unfortunately, at the current stage, players preferred killing monsters rather than killing enemies. Some waves could be picked up by sharpshooters solo without any help. Since the rewards for killing BD monsters in the snow war prevail in quality and availability with Chaos, the following changes have been made:

  • With each next BD wave there will be more monsters;
  • HP of monsters has been increased by 30-50% from the current;
  • The attack of red wave monsters has been increased by 20%;
  • Monsters from the green wave has sharpened its swords and now their hit rate has increased by 15%;
  • The blue wave conjured 10% dodge into its shoes;
  • Purple Wave trained for a whole week to catch up with his opponents and greatly increased their movement speed.
  • Chaos Pacts and Chaos Potions have been temporarily disabled in the Snow War.


Chaos was one of the first mazes that appeared on our server. We are sure that everyone likes it, but we want to add some features to its mechanics. The concept of an “event” has been added to the chaos mechanics, which will occur depending on the day of the week.

Events awaiting you next week:

  • Monday.

Battles will become exciting and longer in time. Damage cutting is reduced from 0.25% to 0.15%

  • Tuesday.

At 20:35, when the portal to the maze closes, the player teams will be swapped.
After the portal closes, all players are moved in chaos to a random location on the map.

  • Wednesday.

You can enjoy the game without being constantly bombarded by flash bombs. Flash bombs don't work in Chaos

  • Thursday.

Blessing potions will rest on this day. All types of Blessing potions do not work.

  • Friday.

In the chaos, shrubs appear that give bonus stats, as was previously implemented in the eternal garden.
Up to 5 shrubs will appear on each wave.

  • Saturday and Sunday.

Standard chaos.

We are testing this mechanic and want to check how much it will increase the interest of our players in this maze.
We apologize in advance if there are any errors that we were not able to thoroughly check during testing.
We will also be happy to hear your ideas for updating events and introducing new events into this maze!


Everyone was happy to collect pets for various stats, but everyone completely forgot about the mechanics of our game.
Unfortunately, in the game Tales Of Pirates, all stats that are expressed as a percentage are counted from your number of stats, without taking into account their indicator*
*Example: You are a cleric, you have 50 constitution and 300 def. 50 con gives you 100 def, 200 def gives you the armor, gloves, boots. If you use a relic for 4% def, you will only receive a bonus based on your con stat and how much it gives you, that is, you will get 4 def.
Hand Pets were implemented differently; with things it is impossible to implement them that way.

Therefore, we have made changes to the relics by percentage:

  • Phoenix - 2/3/4% to hit rate -> 5/10/15 to hit rate + 2/3/4% to hit rate
  • Piggy - 2/3/4% to attack -> 20/40/60 to attack + 2/3/4% to attack
  • Monkey - 2/3/4% to MN -> 50/100/150 to MN + 2/3/4% to MN
  • Moon - 2/3/4% to def -> 15/20/25 to def + 2/3/4% to def
  • Kitten - 2/3/4% to HP -> 100/150/200 to HP + 2/3/4% to HP

We also fixed the Angel Relic so that it correctly gives bonus experience.

Other changes

  • The notification about killing bosses has been removed;
  • Fishing. The price for the board was lowered to 2k per piece;
  • Analyze. "Premium Gunpowder" selling price was increased from 112.5k to 130k per piece;
  • Analyze. "Silver Bar" selling price was increased from 63.75k to 80k per piece;
  • A gem transfer stone and new unique wings and apparels will be added into the item mall;
  • Eternal Garden. At 19:00 the Garden was turned off due to its lack of demand and intersection with the main mazes;
  • Fixed a bug with the spawning of chests in the Demon World;
  • The description of the teleport points in dialog with statue in black dragons lair has been changed. Now the point and its location are indicated using Numpad;
  • In the description for Lv4 and Lv5 sandbags it was added that experience is only given up to level 80;
  • Hand pet edits have been made. We tried to fix a bug that did not allow us to correctly configure the auto-selection of items that you selected.

If you encounter this error or any other, please contact Discord using #StartTicket.