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February 13, 2024, 2:28 pm

Coronation Hat (BS Hat)

The valiant Mayor of Ascaron is looking for brave pirates to reward them with the most valuable gift. Coronation hats will be added to the game, which will give you 3 additional stats, depending on your class!

To start the adventure and get a valuable reward, you will need to exchange 3 inert stones for a coronation chest.

After opening, you will receive a coronation book, where you need to collect 1000 colorful dust. When you score 1000 points, depending on your class, you will receive a BS crown for your class.

Obtaining colorful dust.

The mayor of Askaron will exchange all your fragments,
as well as common|broken|cracked|chipped gems for colorful dust.

Exchange of colorful dust:

Common Gems -> 1 colorful Dust
Broken Gems (shard) -> 3 colorful dust
Cracked Gems (shard) -> 3 colorful dust
Broken Gems (voucher) -> 7 colorful dust
Cracked Gems (voucher) -> 7 colorful dust
Refining Gems (voucher) -> 7 colorful dust
Unique Gems (+5) shards -> 7 colorful dust
Chipped Gems (shard) ->25 colorful dust
Chipped Gems (voucher) -> 60 colorful dust

Prove your courage and receive the sacred reward!

Change in Snow War and Chaos.

For the entire next week, we would like to increase cutting of damage into chaos mechanics.
Now it will be 0.25% -> 0.2%
We hope that this will help increase the time of battles and make them more colorful and dynamic!

Since we increased the cutting, they began to overlap with the event on Mondays.
For this reason, we have made changes, and now the cutting on Mondays is increasing from 0.15% to 0.10%.
Also, all types of gyozas will not work on this day, do not forget to remove them from the panel!

In addition, a bug was eliminated when monsters of the first, second and third waves could not find crusaders in invisibility.

Changing potions and wines

Due to recent updates, magic wines have undergone major changes, due to which magic classes could increase their HP 2 times, using magic wine and a life potion at the same time.

We have reworked the stats of wines and alchemy potions to reduce such a large gap in stats, but increased the defense value.
This will not change PVP mechanics, magic class damage, or their current
indicator of HP or SP, but will further limit the ability to use magic wines to increase the indicator of HP.

Magic wines (was -> became)
Maiden Wine, +150 SP or +450 HP -> +5 to spr, +1% SP
Scholar Wine, +250 SP or +750 HP -> +10 to spr, +3% SP
Mao Wine, +500 SP or +1500 HP -> +20 to spr, 7% SP
Dukan Wine, +350 SP or +1050 HP -> +15 to spr, +5% SP
Ginseng Wine, +700 SP or 2100 HP -> +25 to spr, 10% SP
Tiger Bone Tonic, SP +1000 or HP +3000 -> +30 spr, 15% SP
Stone wine, SP +1500 or HP +4500 -> The ability to obtain a blueprint for this type of potion is disabled
Drink-Chimera, SP +1300 or HP +3900 -> The ability to obtain a blueprint for this type of potion is disabled
Shark tincture, SP +2000 or HP +6000 -> The ability to obtain a blueprint for this type of potion is disabled
Fake Oolong Tea, SP +2500 or HP +7500 -> The ability to obtain a blueprint for this type of potion is disabled

Bull Potion:
Level 1 +500 HP -> +500 HP, +5% HP
Level 2 +700 HP -> +1000 HP, +7% HP
Level 3 +1200 HP -> +1500 HP, +10% HP

Energy Potion:
Level 1 Increases SPR by 40 -> Magic attack +3%
Level 2 Increases SPR by 55 -> Magic Attack +5%
Level 3 Increases SPR by 70 -> Magic attack +7%
Level 4 Increases SPR by 90 -> Magic attack +10%

Harden Potion:
Level 1 Increases defense by 50 -> 50 def and +3% def
Level 2 Increases defense by 70 -> 70 def and 5% def
Level 3 Increases defense by 100 -> 100 def and +7% def

Battle Potion:
Level 1 Increases attack power by 75 -> +3% attack
Level 2 Increases attack power by 150 -> +5% attack
Level 3 Increases attack power by 200 -> +7% attack

Other changes

We understand that in the game it is possible to change the class both through the quest of the Phoenix Rebirth and through the Item Mall, but the chance to receive handguards for your class only occurs once.
In view of this, Crazy Erol in Icicle (1373,539) will exchange your handguards for another class if you decide to change the class to another.

To enter the lair of the Dead Souls Commander, fewer tools and transparent crystals are now required.
The number of tools for BC and CD passwords has been reduced from 6 to 2.
for DE and EF passwords, the number of transparent crystals has been reduced from 10 to 5.