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News Image Update August 18
August 22, 2023, 11:27 am


1. Fixed the visual of the effect from the skill "Fairy body" (possession) on the champion.
2. Fixed the effects of some items.
3. Added the functionality of level exchange between two mounts. This feature is available from the Baby in Argent.
4. Fixed several parts of Lances apparels not having texture.
5. The characters stats tab (Alt+A) now displays the remaining duration of the premium status. The /premium command is no longer relevant.
6. /tp command cooldown is now 15 seconds.


1. Party members tabs now display HP and SP percentages.


1. Updated items list in "Limited Sale" in Item Mall. Previous apparels and mounts are no longer available for purchase. New apparels will be available until 1st of September inclusive.
2. Several auras and a skin for the fairy pet have been added on a permanent basis.
2.1 Sections "Appearance > Fairy app", "Appearance > Auras".

New stage

We also want to announce that we have begun preparations for the introduction of the next stage of the game. We expect the work to be completed next week, or after next week.

The following key highlights await you:

1. Opening of DW 2.
2. Addition of lv 65 unseal armors (torso) and weapons.
3. Revision of gems obtained from FC, DS, DW. Each maze will take its own type of gems, which can be droppeded from monsters and chests in these mazes.
4. Adding new maze for level 55+ characters with balance mechanics.
5. Increasing the maximum level cap of characters to 75.
6. Adding 5 levels of life skills.
7. Revision of some of the recipes and the chance of obtaining recipes from blueprints.
8. Increasing the maximum levels of gems.
9. Adding con, spr, str rock gems to the game.

A detailed patch note and Wiki update will be closer to release.

Sale of limited apparels August 18 - September 1!

Friends! Only until September 1 you have the opportunity to purchase Ghost Reaper apparels for all races in the "Limited Sale" tab of the item mall! Also, fairy pet skin have been added to Item Mall on a permanent basis: Fairy of Bloom, and three new auras, the appearance of which can be seen in the guide.