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News Image Update 8
September 8, 2023, 8:13 pm


  • Bug 9: Fixed working of invisible hat Apparels for all races.
  • Butchered fish parts now stack at 999.
  • Fixed several more apparels and icons for them.
  • Fixed an issue due to which a character became unclickable for other players after dying in the Eternal Garden.
  • Fixed an incorrect system message in the Eternal Garden if the player who carried the curse left the maze after killing the boss.
  • Now, after death in the Eternal Garden, the cleric’s “Energy Shield” skill is activated automatically.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the respawn time of trees and fish in the DS was 1 hour instead of 1 minute.
  • Until the introduction of Phoenix Rebirth, the angel of rebirth in heaven was removed.
  • Black Jewel and Prehistoric Octopus kill alerts are disabled until Phoenix Rebirth is introduced.
  • Daily rewards have been expanded depending on the premium status level.


  • The price of Perfect Emerald and Perfect Crystal dropped by monsters has been increased to 2500.
  • Evil Tribal Warriors on Summer Isle now drop an Equipment Summon Scroll Lv70 with a base drop rate of 0.3%.


  • Increased the delay between debuff resets for the Black Jewel boss. Previously, effects reset too quickly.
  • The pursuit and vision area for Barborosa and the Death Souls Commander have been reduced.
  • The effect clearing system for monsters can no longer remove the effects of: Ship Penetrator, Ship Penetrator, Chain Bullet, and Carrion Ball.
  • Increased the amount of defense (by 20-40) and physical resistance (by 1-3) for monsters on Summer Island.