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News Image Update 9
September 15, 2023, 7:18 pm


  • Fixed an issue that could cause monsters to freeze when receiving any stun effect.
  • Fixed incorrect message when using premium status.
  • Fixed the display of prizes for daily login to the game at a premium status level above 1.
  • The portal leading to DW 2 has been fixed, now it changes its location as it should.
  • Changing the character's nickname fuction works again.
  • Added the lost Medium fish yolk sac, which should have dropped, but didn’t. Added it to recipes.
  • The “RELIVE” button now appears with a delay when a character dies.
  • The party tab now displays the nickname of the character who died.
  • Исправили баг с дёргающимися деревьями.

Eternal Garden:

  • The durability of monsters has been slightly increased.
  • Stats of all classes inside the maze have been changed. (Stats are in test mode).
  • Monsters now drop scraps of magical fabric, which is used to create a cloak.
  • PvP statistics are disabled.


  • The regeneration of the Prehistoric Octopus and Black Jewel has been reduced.


  • A recipe for Lv 1 flash bombs has been added to Lv 3 manufacturing blueprints.
  • The bosses of DW 1, DW 2, FC and DS now drop Great Lucky Fruit instead of Super Lucky Fruit.
  • Bosses of EG, DW 1 and DW 2 may drop a silver thread needed for a cloak.
  • Silver thread has been added to the crafting Lv 3 recipe.


  • A cloak has been added to the game; you can read about how to obtain it on the Wiki.


  • Added fruits for the mount, increasing its level by 2. “Mounts&Pets” > “Mounts”.
  • Added Huge amplifiers of luck that provide a 3.5 item drop multiplier for 30 minutes. “Exp&Drop” > “E&D_IMPs”.
  • Great Lucky Fruits have been added, giving 3.5 to the item drop multiplier for 30 minutes. “Exp&Drop” > “E&D_IMPs”.
  • Added silver thread to create a cloak in the “Other” > “Oth_IMPs” section.
  • Added Black Dragonkin Ami apparel. “Appearance” > “Ami”.
  • Until next Friday there will be a 25% discount on fairy growth fruits.


  • Updated items in the "Limited Sale". Old items are no longer available for purchase. New items will be available until 09/29/2023 inclusive.
  • A fairy pet skin has been added on an ongoing basis.
    • Section "Appearance > Fairy app".
  • Until September 18, 2023, 2x fairy growth rates will apply.