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  1. Details of the Contractor:
    1. SP Kosmakova Liliya Sergeevna
    2. ITN 772171734545
    3. PSRN 322508100442928
    4. Legal address - 140167, Moscow region Ramenskoye village Mikheevo 133
    5. Checking account 40802810301500373550
    6. Bank Identification Code 044525104
  2. Right and obligations of the user
    1. During registration, the User chooses an account name, login, which allow him to be identified among other Users.
    2. The user has the right to change his password an unlimited number of times. At the same time, the User is obliged to independently ensure non-disclosure (secrecy) of his password and other necessary data. The user is also responsible for non-disclosure of his password, as well as all risks (losses) associated with possible disclosure.
    3. The user has the right to sell game values ​​and services for in-game currency but selling or buying a character, accounts, or as well as in-game valuables ​​for real money, is strictly prohibited.
    4. The User can send claims and suggestions related to the use of the Game in writing by e-mail or to the technical support service on the website
    5. At the request of the Administration, the User is obliged to provide reliable information about himself that allows him to identify the owner of the character.
    6. The user is obliged, in the event of any actions related to the use of the Game, to make sure that he enters into a relationship with a representative authorized to such actions.
    7. The User has no right to distribute information aimed at illegally obtaining passwords to access the characters of the Game, as well as distribute links to resources with such information.
    8. The User does not have the right to use software errors, interfere with the program code, unauthorized access to the server and database without the permission of the Administration, or take actions aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the Game servers. It is also prohibited to use any kind of game bugs, as well as other errors that allow you to get a gaming advantage that is not provided for by the game. If such attempts are detected, the Administration has the right to immediately suspend the User's access to the Game.
    9. The User is prohibited from copying, reproducing, distributing any component of the Game without the consent of the Administration.
    10. The User undertakes to respectfully and correctly treat other Users and Administrators, namely:
      1. do not use profanity, insults;
      2. do not advertise drugs, porn sites and resources containing such information;
      3. do not threaten with violence and physical harm to other users and / or the Operator;
      4. do not distribute in any way materials that promote, or express rejection or hatred of any culture, ideology, race, nation, religion, language, or social movement;
      5. do not to post in-game trade offers outside the specialised game chat;
      6. do not to intentionally interfere with other Users of the Game;
    11. The User has no right to modify, sell, distribute the Game materials in whole or in part.
    12. The User is prohibited from disseminating information that does not correspond to reality (rumours, slander) about the game service of the Game, the Administration and employees of the service or other Users of the game service "Tales Of Pirates".
    13. The User is prohibited from posting information on the Resources of the Administration that is of an advertising nature without the consent of the Administration.
    14. When communicating within the game via chat services, it is prohibited to send messages with the same text continuously. Sending such a message is allowed with an interval of no more than one such message per minute.
    15. The User is prohibited from disclosing any private information about another User without the consent of that User.
    16. The user is prohibited from using game values ​​that were obtained as a result of violation by third parties of clause 1.8. of these Rules.
    17. It is forbidden in any way, including but not limited to sale, purchase, exchange and transfer, to receive information necessary to access accounts in the Game and on the Site of other Users.
    18. It is forbidden to create accounts, game characters, game guilds and ships with offensive provocative names, or containing characters not allowed by the Game.
    19. It is prohibited to resort to hacking / attempting to hack software components and / or interception of data arriving to or from the server.
    20. It is prohibited to use software that emulates the presence of a player inside the Game, replaces the standard Client, or disrupts the normal operation of the server software.
    21. It is forbidden to make it difficult / impossible for the Game Master to carry out his duties to ensure the game process.
    22. It is forbidden to use auto-attack / skills by the game character during the absence of the player in the game process.
    23. It is prohibited to hinder / make it impossible to obtain the Services of access to the Game and to maintain the gameplay by other Users.
    24. It is forbidden to cheat players with game valuables and IMPs. The punishment for the violator is determined by the Administration, depending on the damage caused to the player or players, the minimum punishment is sending to the game prison, the maximum is blocking at the MAC address.
    25. The User agrees that in case of violation of his duties, the Administration has the right to apply sanctions to him at any time: warning, renaming, temporary blocking of the use of the game chat, temporary blocking of the account, suspension / termination of the provision of Services, claim for damages and other actions.
  3. Special conditions
    1. All values ​​of the game are the property of the Administration.
    2. The Operator does not reverse the exchange of IMP for real money.
    3. The Administration does not guarantee that the Game software is free of errors or will function uninterruptedly and continuously, however, it guarantees that it does everything possible to maintain a comfortable game.
    4. These rules can be changed by the Administration without any special notice. The new version of the Rules comes into force after 1 (one) day from the date of their publication on the website of the Game , or from another moment established by the Administration.
  4. description of paid services
    1. Replenishing your account as part of project support, you will receive Item Mall Points (Imps) (50 imps = 1$ excluding replenishment promotions and referral system, all this is displayed in your replenishment history)
    2. How to top up your account
    3. Item Mall Guide
    4. “IMPs”, “IM Points” are the currency of Item Mall points, which are used to purchase in-game items in the Item Mall or for trading between players in the game.